Would you like to begin with a Behavior Assessment?

Here is some information that will help:

  • This assessment is 60-90 minutes held here in my cozy training center. Let’s get to know each as your dog tells me their story.

  • Flexible appointment times: The Training Center is located in my home giving you more flexibility for our first meeting.

  • I encourage honesty and an open mind. Demo dogs are used in the moment to show you the work in action.

  • We will be testing your dog’s core skills which gives us a point to begin and some tools to send you home with. Your dog is a walking Truth-Teller.

  • Walk out feeling empowered with a plan of action moving ahead.

I look forward to helping you build an unbreakable bond with you dog.


Behavior Assessment Option 1

Most popular. Sets you up nicely by prepping you for the lifestyle, coaching, and training needed to meet your goals. Pricing $125.00.


Behavior Assessment Option 1

Dangerous Dog with Written Assessment: This consultation is more in-depth, focuses on safety and includes a written behavior assessment and management/rehabilitation options moving forward. Pricing $`175.00

Behavioral Assessment