Working Out The Kinks: LAUNCHING SOON!


Training On Demand

TRAINING ON DEMAND is coming along! This brand new option will give you access to blogs covering a variety of different topics categorized for your specific needs. Sections will include training that will help not just local people, but long distance as well.

Categories will include:

  • EVERYTHING RESCUE: This section will cover helpful topics geared to help people in rescue, fostering and shelter dog work. Topics will include assessment, acclimation of a new foster, successful fostering in a multi-dog household, breed characteristics, learning a dog’s story through assessment of movement, and much much more!

  • PUPPY PROTOCOLS: This section will cover helpful topics geared to help the new puppy owner. Topics will include successful crate training, house training, rock solid protocols to prevent problem behaviors, understand breed characteristics and much much more!

  • ADULT DOG PROTOCOLS: This section will cover how to Empower you, help your dog Transform, and self reflection tools to promote wellness and Healing. Topics will also include elimination of common problem behaviors to more severe anxiety and aggression.

PILOT STAGE: This page is in PURELY the beginning pilot phase and I begin to piece together written material and categorize it neatly. Excuse the mess as it’s “under construction”. Expect some kinks. A comment area SHOULD be functional for any feedback (always welcomed).

PRICING OPTIONS: It is still in development as I test the software needed to make this possible. Content added for now will be FREE. The goal is to make this a monthly membership section when it is complete.


The Path To Success

Empower, Transform & Heal

The Path To Success:  Paw It Forward focuses on 3 key ingredients to the perfect recipe for successful training and healing. 

Your first ingredient is "Empowerment".   How would you like to leave your first initial behavior assessment or phone consultation feeling empowered?   The "I got this" feeling.   I get it, owners often feel defeated, deflated and uninspired by dog training because everything you've tried up to this point hasn't worked the way it was portrayed to.  If you don't have confidence that your relationship with your dog can change, then your dog won't trust you or feel safe either.  You should see RESULTS the day of your assessment. First, you get inspired!



The Partnership: Confidence Building For Humans & Dogs

Empowerment begins with understanding training from some different perspectives. THIS LIST IS IN DRAFT FORM. These are ideas as I think of them and will be BETTER structured before membership launch. This section will cover SO much with lots of “Did you know” and “how to” and “test this” type of blogs.

  • Removing thought with intention - Our brains are hardwired to create a narrative. Learn Body Language as an assessment Tool.

  • How does your dog REALLY feel about your presence? Test this with some simple movement exercises.

  • Does your dog trust you? Learn to study their movement templates in moments of stress.

  • Traumatized or simply habitual bad habits? How food plays a part in determining this.

  • The detrimental effects of early “no no training” and the problems it causes later on.

  • Understanding Intensity Levels: How to accurately see past imprints.

  • The importance of assessment of Bite Threshold.

  • A Case Study with 2 dogs: Why the spoiled dog is less stable than the dog.

  • Future problems that can be seen in the present moment: Learn how to predict problems that are forthcoming.

  • Past problems surfacing in the present moment: Learn how to read the body, the truth is in the movement.

  • 1. Confidence Building: Teach what TO DO (Yes before No)

  • 2. Be your dog's Emotional Support System, not the other way around.

  • 4. READ THE BODY not the MIND: Dogs are walking truth tellers.

  • 6. Understanding Breed Characteristics: Work with DRIVE, not against.

  • 7. Understand Less Is More - Making their world Black & White.

  • 8. Begin Practicing Self-Care: Loving yourself again.

The second ingredient is "Transformation".   This is where the magic begins. Putting your new perspective and education and making it work for you.  Begin to change your dog's unwanted behaviors into wanted and predictable movement protocols. Building NEW templates in place of old ones.                                  



Out with the old - In with the New

Predictable Protocols

Indoor Protocols:  Impulse Control:  Creating your calm indoor "fireplace dog" - Here are just SOME of the blogs that will be added to this section of Training On Demand

  • Successful Crate Training - Implementing the Crate into your dog’s daily routine.

  • Successful House Training that is FOOLPROOF

  • Place/Box Training: Why “assigned seating” helps your dog feel safe, adaptable and calm.

  • “Owner Addiction “ The Root of All Evil.

  • Predictability and Routine: Dogs want to know what TO DO.

  • Can reactive dogs live together? You bet - here’s how.

  • Indoor “Attention” is the root of all evil. Exchanging “Attention” for “Affection”

  • How does your dog REALLY FEEL about you? Take this movement test to find out.

  • Why does your dog so jumpy and excited around over people? Sleeps in your bed? Hear my story….

  • Doggie Daycare: When it’s right or not right for your situation.

  • Dog Parks: Case Studies with owner testimonials. You decide.

  • Medicating your dog for anxiety: Suppression of emotions are not the answer.

  • Aggression: Mild to the dangerous dog. This topic will cover LOTS of case studies.

  • Resource Guarding: The TRUTH and how to help your dog.

Outdoor Protocols:  Attraction Building:  Making you their safety and most enticing point of interaction outdoors.    

  • Building attraction to YOU - It all begins with simple hand feeding.

  • Why making physical contact with you is so important outdoors: Prepping your solid recall.

  • Understanding Leash Pulling from a different lens: Energy moved away from handler.

  • Less Is More: Making YOU the “Whole Pie”

The third ingredient is inner "Healing".   This begins to happen when your new reality becomes "normal".  Your new reality is beaming with confidence and answers instead of worry and problems.   Overcoming your fears is the path to healing them. Your dog is transforming by always knowing what “TO DO” in each moment, regaining the capacity to feel self-regulate to a state of well-being. This also applies to you. Always seeking the solution instead of fixating on the problem.   You can do it and you have LOTS of support here.



You and your dog’s NEW reality. Freedom of fear. Welcome to the BEST Version of you and your dog!

Everything WELLNESS will be in this section. This portion will be a support system along with a resource center for wellness. Your health and well-being is part of this amazing recipe. Do this for YOU, you’re important, you matter.

Taking what you’ve learned about Empowerment and Transformation, and applying into real life. By the time you’ve reached this section, you will have learned so much about yourself that you didn’t even realize was there. This will be about Body, Mind and Spirit. It will focus on helping you, get out of being “Stuck” in bad habits and discovering your new outlook on life.

Much of this portion will be done via LIVE Facebook broadcasts.

You’ve reached this awesome level of comfort and clarity when:

  • You feel empowered and well instead of defeated and anxious.

  • You feel motivated as you transform into the best version of you.

  • You begin to choose kindness instead of anger.

  • You begin to live in the moment instead of the past and future.

  • You begin put your health and happiness as a priority.

  • You embrace high resistance with courage and drive.

  • You stop hitting the “easy button”

  • You’re able to become DIRECT and learn to “SAY NO” to things that no longer serve you.

  • You can surround yourself with positive, strong willed people of integrity.



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