Puppy Protocols

Learn how to channel your puppy's undeniable drive into confidence and attraction to YOU so your puppy grows into a supple, social and reliable adult.


Welcome Puppy Owners! Congratulations on your new family member. Here are some helpful things for you to know before we begin:

  • Puppies are born social beings. You’ll learn how to keep them this way, playful resilient and social.

  • Puppy protocols can begin the moment you take puppy home.

  • Learn how to make YOU the most enticing source and point of safe return. Your puppy wants nothing more than to engage with you socially. Learn how this gets corrupted with too much too soon.

  • Predictability ensures your puppy feels safe. Indoor and outdoor protocols help you feel empowered and motivated.. never confused. Keep puppy interactions positive and within their social thresholds.

  • Let’s cover all the basics from house training, crate acclimation, prevention of problems and how to harness their undeniable drive with you as the team partner.

  • Enjoy access to an interactive online learning group with the purchase of a 3 lesson package.

Puppy Training Package