Private Lessons, Coaching and Interactive Online Learning

Your dog isn’t “a problem”………….. your dog is having a "problem”.


  • Let’s get to know each other. If you have questions we can begin with phone consultation via call or text to 518-522-5668 or email to

  • A Behavior Assessment is OPTIONAL if you’re just wanting to learn more before enrolling in the program. Enjoy a cozy safe atmosphere and coffee. This is where I get to know your dog’s story.

  • If you enroll in the program, you’ll have immediate access to an interactive online study group in a Facebook Platform.

  • I work from home and offer flexible lesson times to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

  • I’ll give you predictable step coaching that will leave you feeling empowered!

  • With rapport building exercises built into your daily routine you’ll begin this amazing process of transformation.

  • Puppy Protocols will prevent future problems. Adult Dog Protocols will begin to heal and resolve current problems.

My Promise To You: Through the unique program, inspired by Natural Dog Training, I’ll give you the lifestyle changes, tools and education you need to help your dog HEAL from the inside out. If you give me your best, I’ll be your Trainer, Personal Coach, Mentor, Accountability Partner & your biggest cheerleader!


Behavior Assessments

Evaluating Core Skills and Resilience


Puppy Training & Protocols

Private One on One Training


Adult Dog Training & Protocols

Private One on One Training



Excellent with all dogs

“Jeannie is excellent with all dogs. I felt very comfortable leaving my baby with her!”

— J.P.

The best around!

“Jeanie is the best around! The hardest dogs to train in my opinion are Huskies, but I love them and wouldn't have any other! Jeanie Can Do!”

— D.S.

Very caring people

“Very caring people. Good with people as well as dogs. Appreciate their patience and flexibility. Great work!”

— D.G.



Your journey awaits you!

One step at a time... we can work at your pace.