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Strengthening and rebuilding social skills from the Inside Out

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Dogs can be social and move well with humans when they are always moving in their
natural drives.  Dogs must feel well
on the inside to behave well on the outside. This is
simply why teaching obedience and corrections when a dog is in a state of sensory
overload always breaks down. We
will re-awaken the natural uninhibited social skills they
were born with while
strengthening their natural capacity and thresholds from the "inside
.  Therapeutic movement exercises are designed to re-awaken your dog's natural born

xperience how to create a state of flow without harsh devices, corrections or bribes, just
natural flow.  

Our programs include:

  • FREE Monthly Orientations
  • Two tiers of Day Camp Socialization & Activities Program
  • Board and Train Rehabilitation
  • Day Training & Rehabilitation
  • Human Only and Hands-On Educational Workshops
  • Shelter Dog Program
  • Overnight Boarding

To learn more about the Natural Dog Training model founded by Kevin Behan, please visit

An excerpt from his website:

Natural Dog Training is about establishing emotional rapport as a basis for training.   There’s so much emphasis today on giving dogs mental stimulation,
physical exercise, play dates, hiking groups, and tons of early and on-going training, but what is getting lost in all this activity is the notion of emotional
rapport. Rapport isn’t trained or learned, it is developed. In the canine mind, rapport emerges by being part of a team. I call my method “Natural”
because it understands the dog’s nature as a group hunter. A dog doesn’t work for pride in accomplishment, to earn respect from a leader, praise,
rewards or even play or positive experiences. A dog wants to be part of a team. Everything in a dog’s life is secondary to this social drive. If a dog
doesn’t have rapport, he has problems.
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