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Empower - Transform - Heal


Paw It Forward

917 River Road, Rotterdam, NY 12306


Paw It Forward is much more than “dog training” - This is a full healing experience. What you’ll learn here is far more than just obedience. Enjoy Hybrid type training that allows you to pick the components that will best help you meet your goals. Enjoy private training tailored to you with one on one coaching, training and even Training On Demand!

Being with Empowerment! From your first behavior assessment, leave feeling confidence and empowered that you can help your dog in ANY situation from that day forward.

Begin to Transform! You’ll be giving the education and protocols needed to begin to transform your dog’s behavior immediately. Begin giving your dog “DO THIS” protocols, instead of feeling defeated with corrections.

Enjoy Healing: Trust the process! This journey is one of self reflection, learning to love life again and truly “Paw It Forward” with your relationship with your dog. Learn to be the BEST version of you, so that you can successful lead your dog beaming with confidence and enjoying that soul connection. You got this!

Begin to experience what “In the Moment” training is all about.

Welcome to an amazing journey!


The Behavior Assessment



Held Monthly


Puppy Protocols


Day & Overnight Boarding


Adult Dog Protocols


Reactive Dog Mini E-course

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Excellent with all dogs

“Jeannie is excellent with all dogs. I felt very comfortable leaving my baby with her!”

— J.P.

The best around!

“Jeannie is the best around! The hardest dogs to train in my opinion are Huskies, but I love them and wouldn't have any other! Jeanie Can Do!”

— D.S.

Welcome to an amazing Journey!

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