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What is the Canine Stability Training Program? Empowerment! Let’s begin to peel back the layers of stress your dog has been holding back. Working WITH your dog’s stress and bringing it to resolution is the key to overcome and transform by expressing that undeniable drive. Empower your soul, regain your confidence, transform your dog. You got this!

How do I begin? Have questions? Fill out an inquiry form or call/text me at 518-522-5668. I’m happy to help!

  • Step One: The Behavior Assessment: The Center is a cozy safe atmosphere free of judgement. Enjoy a cup of coffee while I explain the process, evaluate your dog’s social capacity and give you clear honest insights into what to expect to meet your goals.

Benefits of this program:

  • Flexibility: I work from home and offer flexible lesson times to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

  • Private Training: Not one size fits all. Tailored to you, your family and your dog.

  • Interactive Online Learning Groups - Support 24/7! A wealth of information, tutorials, theory, videos and LIVE online learning!

  • Real Life Solutions: Not just a classroom, protocols for grooming, vetting, visitors, trips, meet & greets and more!

  • Precise bio-feedback leash work and resilience building core exercises. Making YOU the most important source!

  • Puppy Protocols will prevent future problems. Adult Dog Protocols will begin to heal and resolve current problems.

My Promise To You: Inspired by Natural Dog Training, I’ll give you the lifestyle changes, tools and education needed to help your dog HEAL from the inside out. I’ll be your Trainer, Personal Coach, Mentor, Accountability Partner & your biggest cheerleader!


Canine Stability Training Program Components



Canine Stability Training is customized to your needs and schedules. Empower, Heal and Transform!

Monthly Canine Body Language Workshops

Cheyenne and bandit

Cheyenne and bandit

Jam packed with invaluable tools to either begin your journey or enhance your progress. All information is retained in a private Body Language Facebook group as a study guide with bonus content added weekly! No one leaves disappointed!

E-Learning Enhancement Modules (Coursecraft)

coming soon!

coming soon!

NEW: Currently being built the CourseCraft Platform, These mini modules will greatly enhance your knowledge and training. They are yours to keep forever and are often packed with updates.


“Our foster girl, now foster fail Jazzy has the chance to go to PIF through the rescue I fostered her for. I can’t say enough in the progress she has made and is doing great in her forever home.!”