An oasis away from the city. 


Paw It Forward offers both day and overnight boarding at my home based Center in Rotterdam, New York.

917 River Road (Route 5S), Rotterdam, NY 12306


  • Temperature controlled Cozy Center.

  • Monitored 24/7 - Home Based

  • Predictable Protocols: Quiet Indoor Time and Active Outdoor Playtime: Large fenced in play yard.

  • Properly sized crates lined always with large clean comforters.

  • Professional Trainer versed in canine body language for 100% safety at all times.

  • Dog reactive dogs welcomed! I got this!

  • A great enhancement to your training packages!

Day Boarding: As an alternative to overstimulated busy daycare, your dog will relax indoors and play outdoors. Know your dog is safe with a professional trainer and expert in canine body language.

Overnight Boarding: Home based alternative to often noisy and over stimulated boarding facilities. Our overnight boarders enjoy down time indoors and active time outdoors.

Social dogs can play together. Reactive dogs have their own time and space to feel comfortable.

Training Add On: Strengthening Indoor and Outdoor Protocols. Optional component either to enhance your hands-on training or to begin before hands-on training.


Day Boarding
$30/Day - Hours 7:30am to 6pm. (some flexibility available)

Over Night Boarding
$30/Day. Dogs picked up by 10am are not charged for that day.

ADD ON: Strengthening Protocols: Boarding with Training: Box/Place Work, House Training, Crate Training, Leash work, acclimation for reactive dogs and more. $10/day

Requirements: Dogs must be comfortably crate trained for down time.

Some of our Boarding Reviews

Excellent with all dogs

“Jeannie is excellent with all dogs. I felt very comfortable leaving my baby with her!”

— J.P.

The best around!

“Jeannie is the best around! The hardest dogs to train in my opinion are Huskies, but I love them and wouldn't have any other! Jeannie Can Do!”

— D.S.

Very caring people

“Very caring people. Good with people as well as dogs. Appreciate their patience and flexibility. Great work!”

— D.G.



Give your dog a break from the hustle and bustle.

Ask the happy clients! Referrals available upon request.